Universities Scheme

One of the the aims of The Iron Bridge Lodge is also to be the home of Freemasons who study or work at any University, campus or places of higher education within Shropshire.  We welcome new members who wish to join and become a Freemason.

Student Freemasons from other Universities are also welcome as founding/joining members if relocating to live or work in Shropshire after graduation.

If you are a Shropshire university student, alumnui or staff member and wish to know more or just talk about Freemasonry, then simply Contact Us. Harvey and Tom were our first two University scheme candidates. Read their own story here

We are part of the United Grand Lodge of England Universities’ Scheme and we are the designated Lodge for any Shropshire University or Higher education undergraduate and postgraduate students, alumni and staff.

We are keen to help younger members develop their interest in Freemasonry and to derive the maximum enjoyment from being a Mason. Click here for a video of an interview with a Young Freemason.

The minimum age for joining Freemasonry is normally 21. However, in the case of students this limit is reduced to 18 with reduced fees for those aged under 25.

The Universities’ Scheme was introduced in 2005 with the objective ‘To establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry’ as Oxford and Cambridge have done for nearly 200 years.

The Scheme is headed by the Past Assistant Grand Master, R. W. Bro. David Williamson, who explains: “We know from these long-established university lodges that students – whether undergraduates or postgraduates – enjoy Freemasonry to the full. Through the Universities Scheme, we hope that university members from all over the country will be able to gain the same inspiration, fulfillment and enjoyment.”.

David has also gone on to say when writing to our lodge “Please would you thank the WM and Brethren of The Iron Bridge Lodge for their very kind thought in asking you to write to offer their congratulations for my part in bringing the Universities Scheme to its current healthy state. However, the Scheme would be ‘nothing’ without individual Lodges subscribing to the concept and supporting it by their actions. In that respect, I am delighted that The Iron Bridge Lodge has not only joined the Scheme but is giving it tremendous support, and I again thank the Lodge and its members most sincerely, and wish it every success in the future.”

The Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent, states “A real benefit the Scheme confers is having young intelligent men joining us who will, we hope, contribute greatly to the future of the Craft, as potential leaders and sources of inspiration.”

Click here to read an Oration on the scheme by W. Bro. Timothy L’Estrange, Deputy Grand Chaplain

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