Masquerade Ball

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The Iron Bridge Lodge held its first evening Social occasion on Saturday 18th July 2015 which was a Masquerade Ball and is its fifth social occasion in 12 months.

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The event was held at The Wroxeter Hotel, Wroxeter (which was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain) and was a fantastic success.

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The evening was well attended by 77 adults who all enjoyed dressing up, a lovely meal and a Disco to end the evening.

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The big winner of the evening was charity as a total of over £500 was raised towards Teddies for Loving Care and The Grand Charity 2019 Festival.

028The Worshipful Master Andy Delamere and his lady Susan Pound were extremely pleased with the success of the evening as they never expected to raise so much money.

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Double celebration for Ms. Hayley Hedley as the evening fell on her 22nd Birthday

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