Triple Initiation


On Monday 1st February 2016, We held a triple initiation of 3 young men aged 20, 22 and 26. It is believed that this is the first triple initiation in the Shropshire province. The ceremony was presided by W. Bro. Simon Clare and he was helped by all his officers including surrogate Deacons and Wardens.

Over 70 brethren including 4 visiting Entered Apprentices witnessed this historic event which will be well remembered by all those who attended. Some comments we received were from EA Ryan “The evening certainly was a blur although very enjoyable, and also lovely to share the experience with Josh and John.”

From EA Josh “I had an excellent evening and absolutely loved the ritual (even if I didn’t get to ‘see’ much of it!) It was genuinely profound and something never forgotten. I had absolutely no idea what to expect so being prepared was a very unique experience!
It must have been very difficult for all concerned to adapt, practice for, and memorise, the various parts of the ritual itself and I am very appreciative”

From EA John “It was a blur hence why you are right about seeing another initiation. I have already remembered the first answer for my second degree.”9 EA's

One of our visitors said “We really enjoyed the evening and we were amazed how well it went.” and finally one of our visiting Entered Apprentices said “I had a very enjoyable evening and it was a pleasure to see. Please pass on my congratulations for a job well done to your WM and fellow brethren. A good challenge well met.”

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