Travelling Ashlar Raid – November 2016


Seven months ago we relinquished the Shropshire travelling Ashlar to Audley Lodge, No. 1896. Many lodges have thought about going to raid the ashlar in the months that passed but none were fruitful.

Our “young boys” were keen to raid it back immediately but were persuaded to let others have a chance. Eventually last week they could be held back no more and under the organisation of Fellowcraft and Shropshire Cornerstone secretary Bro Ryan Preece, they mounted a successful raid at an Initiation ceremony.


We invite all Shropshire lodges to try and raid it from them at a double Initiation on Monday 6th February at 7pm at Meeting Point House. Click here to book in. The meeting will be held at Walker Room, Meeting Point House, Telford Town Centre, Shropshire TF3 4HS. Click here for future meeting dates and map.


Pictured from left are Bro. Harvey Greatrex, W.Bro. Dave Hedley, Bro. John Watt, W.Bro Andy Delamere, Bro. Ryan Preece, W.Bro. Zed Pazio (WM of Audley Lodge) and W.Bro Ray Dickson.