Prestonian Lecture 2019

Many members of our lodge were pleased to attend and witness the first Prestonian Lecture to be heard in Shropshire in the actual year for over 100 years.The subject was FREEMASONRY AND THE GREAT WAR and HOW MASONRY REACTED TO THE WAR YEARS.


When Britain declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914, Freemasonry in England faced unprecedented circumstances. The United Grand Lodge of England for the first time had to contend with the impact of a global war.



English Masonic Lodges continued to meet during the war years and this booklet is very much an account of the way Freemasonry and many Lodges reacted to the conflict. Much of the information having been researched from individual Lodge Histories and Minute Books.



The Prestonian Lecture is the only Masonic lecture given under the authority of the United Grand Lodge of England. It is named after William Preston who in the late 1700’s was a foremost Masonic educator. Preston researched when and where he could, interviewed many other Masons and then wrote lectures and a famous book with the title Illustrations of Masonry.


Before he died, Preston requested that lectures be presented each year. Apart from a few gaps, lectures named ‘Prestonian’ have been given annually and today the lecturer and his subject is chosen by Grand Lodge.