Petition Signing Ceremony

A New Lodge in Shropshire – Sponsored by Foresters lodge No. 7221

On 16th April 2014 Forester Lodge No. 7221 held an excellent ceremony of Initiation when Bro. Darren Whittle was initiated into Freemasonry and Forester Lodge No. 7221. We welcome you Bro. Darren into Freemasonry and Shropshire!

Following the initiation ceremony and in open Lodge, the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Forester Lodge No. 7221 were delighted to unanimously vote to agree to become the Mother Lodge of The Iron Bridge Lodge, the proposed new lodge in Shropshire in the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, the R.W. Bro. Peter Alan Taylor.

The Iron Bridge Lodge Founding Committee Secretary, W. Bro. Ray Dickson, then presented the Iron Bridge Lodge Petition to the W.M. which was then signed by the W.M., W.Bro. Jim Brown, his Senior and Junior Wardens, Bro. Peter Smith and Andrew Gordon respectively.

The W.M. then presented a very fine gift of a silver square and compasses to the founders of The Iron Bridge Lodge, which was most gratefully received.

Following the Ceremony the RW PGM stated, in open lodge, that he was satisfied that the Petition had been properly signed. He congratulated the W.M. and brethren of Forester Lodge on their achievement and named it as an “historic” event in the Province. The founding brethren of the prospective Iron Bridge Lodge who were present, gave thanks to the W.M. and the brethren of Forester Lodge for their support and trust.

The Iron Bridge Lodge is moving towards Consecration with the Petition now signed by the RW PGM. The petition is now under consideration by Grand Lodge.

Photographs were taken following the lodge meeting and some are produced below for interest

WM with RW PGM

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, the RW Bro. Peter Alan Taylor, being  presented the Petition by the W.M. of Forester Lodge W.Bro. Jim Brown.

WM with his Wardens

The W.M. of forester Lodge W.Bro. Jim Brown with his Wardens, Bro. Peter Smith and Bro. Andrew Gordon.



The W.M. of Forester Lodge W.Bro. Jim Brown with The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, the RW Bro. Peter Alan Taylor and the PrGSec W. Bro David Kettle and attending brethren of the prospective The Iron Bridge Lodge present the petition.

They are from left to right: W.Bro. John Martin, PrGStwd; W. Bro. Ashley Clayton, PPrGstB; W. Bro. David Kettle, PrGSec; the RW PGM, Peter Alan Taylor; W. Bro. Andy Delamere, PPrJGD; W. Bro. Ray Dickson, W. Bro. Jim Brown, W. Bro. Andy Gordon, Bro. Stewart Braddock, W. Bro. Dudley Yorke-Summerskill, PJGD, PPrMentor; W. Bro. Michael Alexander, Bro. Steve Webb and W.Bro. Russell Brooks, PPrAGDC.

Colin with younger brethren

W.Bro. Colin Price, P.Pr.G.G.W accompanied with the Initiate Bro. Darren Whitton (left); Bro. Ian Wassell and Bro. Clifford Medlicott (right) representing the senior and junior brethren in masonic experience as part of this historic event.

DC with Ray and I

The Iron Bridge Lodge W.M. Designate W.Bro, Andy Delamere, PPrJGD with the Founding Secretary W.Bro. Ray Dickson present the Petition to W.Bro. Russell Brooks, PPrADC, DC of Forester Lodge.

Square and Compasses

The gift of a silver square and compasses presented to the founders of The Iron Bridge Lodge from Forester Lodge No. 7221

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