Our First Ceremony

FullSizeRender (3)At our first ceremony we initiated two candidates Mr. Colin Smith and Mr. Andy Mullinder in a double ceremony. The lodge was pleased to welcome honoured guests R. W. Bro David Williamson PAGM and R. W. Bro Peter Taylor (PGM). The evening was a great success and the lodge received much praise including the following comments “The evening went very well and I am sure that David Williamson, despite his vast experience, has probably not been to a meeting and festive board like that!”, “everyone performed exceptionally well and there was a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It was a most enjoyable evening”, “I enjoyed the meeting. The room and layout was better than I expected, the buffet was good and I received a warm welcome from members. The lodge will go from strength to strength” and finally from David Williamson who said via twitter “Went to The Iron Bridge Lodge last night for the first working meeting of this new University Scheme Lodge. Excellent Double Initiation. PGM in attendance Congratulations to all!”image1

We also welcomed 2 joining members and 3 honorary members including the PGM who was asked to leave the room while we ballot for him!!! I am pleased to say the ballot proved in favour!

All visitors are welcome to attend our next meeting. Click here to book in.

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