May 2017

Our lodge held a double passing ceremony in May 2017 of Brothers Richard Slack and Dominic Howitt. The ceremony was well carried out by the Worshipful Master V.W. Bro. Roger Pemberton and was helped by W. Bro. Simon Clare (South East Charge), W. Bro. Ed Hall (Tools) and W. Bro. Jon Hughes (Tracing Board).

The evening was another hot one and the Worshipful Master decided that in the interest of comfort then jackets and gloves could be removed.

Pictured is Bro Dom Howitt with his proposer W. Bro. Ray Dickson.

During the evening we proposed 2 new candidates and 1 Joining Member with the prospect of another candidate in the future.




Proudly wearing his new regalia was W. Bro. Dave Percy who had recently been promoted to PrAGDC (Middlesex).

At the end of the evening which was enjoyed by everyone raised over £300 for charity.