Double Raising

Masonic dress in EnglIMG_5738and certainly doesn’t lend itself to hot weather, as was seen recently when the hottest day of the year coincided with our emergency Double Raising in July 2016.




IMG_5735With air conditioning unavailable in the room and two fans only (one working only fitfully) the dress code was quickly adapted to shirt sleeve order in the interests of comfort – indeed, survival!





The ceremony, however, lost nothing as our lodge acquired its first ‘home-grown’ Master Masons, both of who assented to wear their full suit to have their picture taken with WM Simon Clare.




Arrangements are now in hand for a further 9897 candidate under the banner of the Salopian Lodge of Charity 117 on the 4th Wednesday in September at Crewe Street. Book in by emailing Russell Price, the 117 Secretary. Please note that 117’s meetings commence at 6.15 p.m..



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