Travelling Ashlar Raid

At the February meeting of Salopian Lodge of Charity number 117, more than 70 Masons – including well over 30 Visitors – witnessed a fine 3rd degree ceremony. A feature of the evening was the age range of those participating in the ritual, with fine contributions from recent Master Masons and Visiting Grand Officer alike!!

IMG_4667 At the Festive Board WM Phil Niblock addressed the assembled company with the Shropshire Travelling Ashlar rules. As there were two ‘raiding parties’ present, each with twelve members, the decision as to who was victorious was made according to which Lodge had brought most Entered Apprentices. So it was that by the narrowest of margins, St Mary’s Lodge 8373 lost out to The Iron Bridge Lodge 9897, whose IPM Andy Delamere is pictured above clutching the Ashlar. Also pictured here are 117’s WM Phil Niblock, as well as Deputy Provincial Grand Master Roger Pemberton, Grand Officer Melvin Gough, Provincial Grand DC Dave Hedley and the three Entered Apprentices who in the end made all the difference.