Our 3rd Installation

At our recent Installation, our WM, Simon Clare capped a year in which he had visited over 60 times and overseen “14” Ceremonies by installing V.W. Bro. Roger Pemberton, DepPrGM as his successor and the third WM of the Iron Bridge Lodge.

The PGM and honorary member, R.W. Bro. Peter Taylor presided was kept busy as Grand Lodge Certificates were presented to three new Master Masons. A ballot was held in order that two more Initiates might be brought into Freemasonry in February.



Our members voted for a formal festive board after our Installation (normal meetings have a buffet and reduced Toast list). Despite this the whole meeting and meal lasted just four-and-a-half hours.





The lodge also appointed Bro Ryan, a 23 year old Fellowcraft, as its Charity Steward. Ryan has already organised an inter-Province bowling event and is the first Secretary of the Shropshire Cornerstone Club.








Charity was the main winner and nearly £300 was raised for MFEST300.




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