2017 Installation



Our lodge held its Installation meeting on 2nd December 2017 when W. Bro. Gary Brennan was installed into the chair of King Solomon to become our 4th Worshipful Master.




Gary was presented by his father W. Bro Paul Brennan who was later invested by Gary as his Charity Steward.





The installing master (our 3rd master) was V. W. Bro Roger Pemberton who installed Gary with great dignity. Later Roger was presented with the IPM’s jewel (given to the lodge by Roger as he was our first IPM)!




It was great to see all our Past Masters of the lodge together for this historic photograph and the big question is “Will the trend continue as each Master is taller than his predecessor!!”.



Lots of festive fun at the Festive Board held at Hadley Park Hotel. Over £200 was raised for charity and £1,000 was presented on behalf of the lodge to W. Bro. Dave Kettle (PGM Representative) for the 2019 festival.