Freemasons donate nearly £1 million to UK Charities

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has just approved its first grants of 2014 totalling £842,500. Ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 each, they support nineteen significant causes across the UK.

Laura Chapman, Chief Executive of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity says “The Freemasons’ Grand Charity seeks to help people in need, and we are dedicated to helping people who are socially disadvantaged, disabled, seriously ill, homeless, or facing economic and social deprivation. It is our hope that the positive impact of these grants will be felt by thousands of people facing difficulties.”


Blond McIndoe Research Foundation £50,000
To fund research into the development of stimuli responsive materials, which are able to detect and respond to changes a healing burns and diabetic wounds to help the repair process.
Headquarters in Sussex.

Cancer Research UK £100,000*
Funding Dr Thorsten Hagemann’s pancreatic cancer research at Barts Cancer Institute. *The Freemasons’ Grand Charity and the Masonic Samaritan Fund have both made grants of £50,000 towards the project.
Headquarters in London.

The National Society for Epilepsy £50,000
To fund research into the genetic causes of epilepsy through exome DNA sequencing techniques.
Headquarters in Buckinghamshire.

University of Leicester £33,000*
Funding a clinical trial into the treatment of heart attack patients with the application of remote ischemic conditioning. *The Freemasons’ Grand Charity and the Masonic Samaritan Fund have both made grants of £16,500 towards the project.
Headquarters in Leicestershire.


Chetham’s School of Music £75,000
Funding community outreach services in disadvantaged areas over three years.
Headquarters in East Lancashire.

Envision £25,000
Supporting a community project in Bristol aiming to develop the confidence and skills of young people.
Headquarters in London. Project is in Bristol.

Red Balloon Learner Centres £25,000
Funding bursaries for severely bullied children to attend specialist learner centres to build their resilience before returning to mainstream education.
Headquarters in Cambridgeshire.

SkillForce £100,000
To fund the Onto Next Steps programme in Norfolk and Kent over two years. The programme will mentor and coach pupils who are at risk of exclusion from education, and face subsequent unemployment.
Headquarters in Nottinghamshire. Project is in Norfolk and East Kent.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal £50,000
Engaging with disadvantaged young people by funding Raleigh International’s youth agency partnership programme in the UK.
Headquarters in London.

Villiers Park Educational Trust £25,000
Funding bursaries to enable disadvantaged young people to attend educational courses to raise academic achievement and develop employability skills, helping them gain places at leading universities.
Headquarters in Cambridgeshire.


Carers UK £100,000
To fund the Carers UK national advice and information service over two years; providing expert advice and support on financial and practical matters for the estimated 6.5 million carers in the UK.
Headquarters in London.

Designability £25,000
To manufacture powered wheelchairs called Wizzybugs for disabled pre-school children, which help them to get around with their peers and to learn spatial awareness.
Headquarters in Somerset.

Fledglings Family Services £13,000
For printing 26,000 copies of a brochure that will help families to find the best specialist products for children with special needs.
Headquarters in Essex.

Mind £40,000
Helping to train 720 peer-supporters and to fund the development of a smartphone application; aiming to increase peer support hours by 20%.
Headquarters in London.

Parkinson’s UK £90,000
To fund the salary and costs of a Parkinson’s nurse specialist in Lancashire over two years.
Headquarters in London. Project in East Lancashire.

Phab £10,000
Providing courses on inclusive living experiences and skills for independence for disabled people.
Headquarters in Surrey.

Shelter £25,000
Funding Shelter’s advice service in Norfolk. In 2012/13 the charity saw a 47% rise in people seeking help, and 2,400 households in Norfolk faced eviction or repossession.
Headquarters in London. Project is in Norfolk.

The Children’s Trust £13,000
Funding the salary of the online co-ordinator of the Brain Injury Hub; a resource providing accurate information and advice to families on childhood acquired brain injury.
Headquarters in Surrey.

The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home £60,000
Supporting the occupational therapy department; providing residential, nursing and rehabilitation services to disabled veterans and their dependents.
Headquarters in Sussex.

TOTAL: £842,500

The Major Grants programme is part of the overall £2.5million donated by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity every year.

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