Consecration – Page 1

On Saturday, January 24th, 2015 170 Brethren journeyed to Edgmond for a very special Masonic event – the Consecration of The Iron Bridge Lodge No 9897. The Meeting Opened promptly at 10.30 am with the RW Bro. Peter Allan Taylor presiding as the Consecrating Officer assisted by his Consecration Team and a small choir. The Consecration, comprising over 50 separate elements, was conducted with great dignity culminating in the creation of the Province’s 34th Craft Lodge.

It was abundantly clear to those present that the Consecration Team and Brethren of The Iron Bridge Lodge had invested many hours in their preparations. The Ceremony progressed smoothly and seamlessly to its very happy conclusion. Shortly before 11.50am a 10 minute respite was taken; the Brethren thereafter reassembled for the Installation of the Lodge’s very first Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Andy Delamere PPrJGD.

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